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Because, like our growing membership, you are smart. That's right, you're a genius! You value your time and hard earned money.  You understand there are better things to do than making regular trips to the pro shop just for hockey tape and essentials. You know that you don't need to pay inflated pro shop prices and when you factor in the value of your time, you realize it's cheaper and easier to join the HPC and have your hockey tape and essentials delivered to your door!  After all, the Hockey Players Club offers the BEST deal on tape ANYWHERE.

Plus, who doesn't love FREE stuff?! As a member of the HPC, you can give your friends 20% off their entire first order while earning $3 in HPC credit for every new member you refer to the Club! Refer your entire team and you'll practically earn FREE tape for the whole year!

The Hockey Players Club couldn't be simpler! You sign up by choosing a base tape package (3 rolls, 6 rolls or 9 rolls) and selecting what type of tape (White Cloth, Black Cloth, Clear, Wide White Cloth and/or Wide Black Cloth) to be included in your first package. You'll create an account with your email address, shipping address and billing details. Once you join, we'll ship your first package faster than an Alex Ovechkin one-timer! We'll ship your next tape package and will bill you based on the frequency you select in your account page (every 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5 or 6 months).

Our service is highly customizable. You can easily adjust your base tape package from month-to-month, change the type of tape included, add some awesome essentials when you need them, switch your shipping frequency (every 1 to 6 months) and even pause or cancel your membership at anytime.

There is no membership fee. You only pay for your hockey tape and any extras you add to your package.

There is no cancelation fee.  You can pause or cancel your membership at anytime.

Never! Even if you add extras to your package, shipping is always free 99! 

No problem! You select your desired shipping frequency when you join the Club (every 1 to 6 months).  Once a member, you can easily adjust your shipping frequency in your Account page. 

Switching is super easy! Login to your account and click EDIT under the MY BAG section. Your recurring bill date will remain the same and your new tape package will arrive in your next package.

Extras added to your base tape package do not automatically recur each month.  If you'd like to re-order, adding them to your next month's shipment can easily be done from your account page.

No, you can cancel anytime…but please let us know why you’re leaving?!

Log in to your account and click MY ACCOUNT. Under the header SHARE THE CLUB, you can share your custom referral code via email, facebook post, tweet, or copy and paste it to your teammates directly.

Invite your friends to the Club

Not only will they get 20% off their first order, you'll earn $3 for every new member you refer. Get your whole squad signed up and you might just earn yourself a year or two of free tape! It's that easy.

Our tape, manufactured by Sportstape in Canada, is the highest quality hockey tape available. It's used by many professional hockey players, including several NHL teams and players. We (a group of current and former junior and college hockey players) tested countless brands of hockey tape on the market and chose the tape we liked the most. You'll love it, trust us!

  • Great exterior grip
  • High thread count
  • Perfect amount of adhesive
  • Water resistant & durable
  • Same tape the pros demand

Our laces, produced by Sportstape in Canada, are the best on the market. They're weaved from the highest quality natural and synthetic materials for long lasting durability. Each lace is individually inspected to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. Our laces are used by many players in the NHL, AHL and professional hockey leagues in Europe.

Don't worry, we've got your back! Go into your account and hit the SHIP NOW button.

We'll ship your package ASAP and update your membership based on your most recent shipping date.

HPC orders are processed Monday thru Friday.  Orders placed before 2 PM EST are processed and shipped the same day.  Orders placed after 2 PM are processed and shipped the next business day. When your order is shipped you will receive a confirmation email with your USPS tracking number. Orders are shipped via DHL (with final delivery by the USPS) and usually take 2-7 business days to arrive with an average of 4 days nationwide. Certain rural areas can take longer.

Your recurring billing date is determined by your original sign up date. If you joined the Club on the 15th, your next shipment will be billed and processed on the 15th of the following month, or the month after if you elected for bi-monthly shipping, and so on.  

If you pause your membership, your recurring billing date is determined by the date you resume your membership.  For example, if you have an order process on 9/22 set to monthly billing, then pause your account on 9/23.  If you reactivate on 10/5, your next shipment date will be 10/22 since an entire month hasn't passed.  However, if you reactivate on 10/30, your order will automatically process and your monthly bill date will reset to the 30th of each month.

Further, if you utilize the SHIP NOW feature, your recurring billing date will reset based on that date. For example, if you have an order process on 9/22 set to monthly billing, then use the SHIP NOW feature on 10/1, your next shipment date will be 11/1 or a month since your last shipment.

We currently ship to the United States only. We are working hard to expand into Canada and across the globe. Please stay close by in the meantime.  If you have any questions or suggestions shoot us an email at

The coupon code provides new members our base ONE-TIMER package [$4/month] free of charge for their first month. If you select our HAT TRICK or EXTRA ATTACKER base packages and/or add any additional products, the coupon code will provide $4 off your first order.

Sort of. We can’t bless you with hands like Kane or vision like Crosby, but your teammates will love you for being their reliable source of tape and other locker room essentials. So you’ll be a better teammate and and every hockey player values a reliable teammate.

An E-Gift Card can be purchased to give the gift of the Hockey Players Club.  Your lucky recipient will have Hockey Players Club Credits to create an account and start a Membership.  Or, if they're already a member, they can use their credits to purchase anything they want.

If you're not an HPC member, join the Club and use your unique Gift Card Code at checkout.  If you're already a member, input your unique Gift Card Code in your account page and your account will automatically be credited with the E-Gift Card dollar amount.


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Once complete (profile picture and hockey gear included), you'll automatically SAVE 10% on your next purchase!

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Join our growing community of hockey players by creating a player profile. Once complete (profile picture and hockey gear included), you'll automatically SAVE 10% on your next purchase!

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