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Hockey Tape and Supplies: Hockey Players Club Review

"I just got my package in the mail today 10 out of 10!!!! How fast the tape came and the hockey card included in my package was awesome, thanks for that!! HPC is the best, the tape was great and so was the grip tape. Next month I'm trying out your stick wax. According to what I got today, I am sure it's going to be awesome!!! Keep up the good work you guys are awesome!!!" - Ryan S | East Longmeadow, MA | Member since November 2016


"I have re-taped my hockey sticks twice and so far the tape is performing at a level consistent with Howies Tape or Renfrew Tape. The biggest difference is that I am not spending $4 a roll! My son loved the fact that you guys threw in a hockey trading card and so far, we couldn’t be happier with the Hockey Players Club. I am very pleased with the service received." - Colorado Springs, Co | Member since May 2018


"The Hockey Players Club is A-Friggin'-Mazing! I've been a member for around a month now, and I'm wondering why I haven't heard of you guys sooner. I'm so happy with this company for several reasons, one being that I never pay for shipping. This is so awesome to me because I can get anything I want from you guys that I would get at a hockey store for cheaper and I barely even have to wait. Anyway, thank you guys for being so awesome, I'm picky about things, but you have definitely earned my business." - Jason V | Pittsburgh, PA | Member since August 2015

"I use a roll of hockey tape per week...I play twice a week. I'm 61 now so it takes a lot of tape to hold me together after 56 years of hockey. For some reason, I finally got curious about the price of your tape and checked on it. I pay $4 per roll at the pro shop, so $2.33 per roll is a great deal. If I had known it was so cheap I would have signed up with you long ago. Signing up was easy. I am looking forward to doing business with you going forward." - Pete L | Thousand Oaks, CA | Member since September 2017

"I love your website! My hockey shop was way too expensive and actually closed down, so I had to drive to a large retail store to get tape and they never had any good tape.  If I didn't do that, I had to get some at the pro shop at my rink, but they were always closed when I played. Your website is awesome and I love what you guys offer! I even got my friend who gets his package one day later than mine to join! I appreciate what you do for us all here at the HPC and I wanted to tell you to keep it up! Thank you for all your work Matt and Brandon and anyone else who may work with you guys, I really appreciate knowing what specific day I'll get my tape and I can't wait to get home when it's coming xD, have a good day and thanks again!" - Tim W | Shoreham, NY | Member since August 2015

"I have used all of the products that I ordered and I think they are great.  I thought it was really cool that I received a Darryl Sydor rookie card with my order.  You exceeded my expectations." - Joey D | Bridgeport, NY | Member since March 2017

"All I can say is that I was begging for my package of tape to show up. I was expecting a lot and I got better quality than what I expected. The tape has lasted me three practices, and that is saying something because all my other tape lasts less than one practice. The tape has a fantastic feel compared to the other hockey tape I've used. Thank you for doing a great job and keep up the fantastic work because all of it is phenomenal. Thank you." - Sara B | Bridgeport, WV | Member since December 2016


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